Gakuto Kase
Gakuto Kase
Japanese 加瀬 岳人
Romaji Kase Gakuto
Age 18
Gender Male
First appearance
Anime Episode 1
Seiyū Yasuaki Takumi
Voice Actor Alejandro Saab

Gakuto Kase (加瀬 岳人, Kase Gakuto) is a supporting character of the series. He is a third-year student and a prominent member of Otobuki High School's Game Club.


Gakuto is a young man of average height with red hair and eyes, he wears glasses which better defines his serious and diligent attitude.

He wears the standard Otobuki High School uniform like his male classmates.


He gets serious when it comes to FPS games. His attitude when playing these games made him one of the top FPS players of the world, which shows he has great determination and doesn't let anything distract him.

Gakuto took up gaming because his father was mercenary who trained him in the family business when he was a kid.

Despite his stern and somewhat cold demeanor, he has shown that he does have a kind side as he offered to teach Keita Amano in better playing games in case he wanted to join the club.



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