Riki Misumi
Age Unknown possibly early teens
Gender Female
First appearance
Anime Gamers and Billing System Talk
Relations Unnamed parents
Eiichi Misumi (adoptive brother / love interest)

Riki Misumi is a minor character in the GA (ゲー) MER (マー) S () ! () series. She is the adoptive younger sister of Eiichi Misumi.

Appearance Edit

Riki is a young girl, possibly in her early or mid teens. She has a white hair which is tied in pig tails and wears a black dress.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about her but in Eiichi's memory, she seems to have a timid side to her as she was scared when men tried to kidnap her until Eiichi saved her.

It appears she developed feelings of love for him, as after her rescue and her parents adopting him, she can be seen trying to feed him in a playful manner. She also gets jealous of him speaking about other girls such as Karen Tendō but hides her feelings by disregarding the issue which serves to confuse him.

She appears to be an avid gamer as well, as she entered a gaming contest and made it to the finals. She has a rather competitive side since she swore to end Eiichi's winning streak and told him not to take the challenge lightly.

Background Edit

Past Edit

Sometime ago, Rikki was nearly kidnapped by two unknown men and while struggling to get free, an unnamed boy quickly saved her by taking down the assailants as she blushed at his brave actions.

As gratitude, Riki's parents adopted the boy and since he was suffering from amnesia, they named him Eiichi Misumi which resulted in Riki getting a new older brother. Over the years, she developed romantic feelings for him but is too shy in telling him while being frustrated at his oblivious attitude.

In the Series Edit

She was shown in Eiichi's memory of his past, noting how she "strangely" gets mad, when he talks about other girls such as Karen Tendō after he joined the gaming club.

At one point, she entered the gaming contest and was able to make it to the finals. Once at the finals, she wore a cloak to mask her identity after she was put up against her brother but discarded it to reveal herself and declare he'll lose. Eiichi was surprised that she entered the contest as she noted that he wasn't with Karen who he talked about a lot, as he replied she had other things to do but questioned Riki on her curiosity as she nervously shrugged it off.

Eiichi then told her that he will not go easy on her in their game battle, as she agrees with this and tells him not to take the challenge lightly before swearing he's going down. The two siblings then started their contest and it is unknown who won the game.

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  • She was the last character to be introduced as she appeared in the last episode.

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